Oil Leak In The Gulf Capped? We Can Write About WB Again


OK. As of right now the worst oil disaster in history is over. This magazine came to a halt when the leak started because that was the only story worth following…and a good time for us to take a break from the petty bullshit on WB.

Now Let The Games Begin Anew!! Bring on 2012 and more disasters!

By the by, the volcano in Iceland is still smoking, we are still at war, the Haitians are about to turn to cannibalism, the oil leak effects will be felt for a hundred years or more, Todd still runs the Palm Room, and Buddy’s got some phoney drink specials.

If you want good news, you should check out Wrightsville Beach this weekend. It is THE social event of the season. It’s the Sweetwater Pro Am Surf Fest! Jam On It!




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