Best $10 You’ll Ever Spend: Fibbers On Friday,

By now everyone knows about Fibber McGees. Penny Draft Wednesdays has been a staple for a while, and the  Sunday night dance party continues to reel them in. By the way, we like to refer to Sunday night at Fibbers as “Industry Night.” The industry in question being the stripper industry– mixed with the girls who just want to wear white hot pants and heels! Now Sex Trivia Night has been thrown into the mix on Wednesday night to provide a titillating and hilarious kickoff to beer drinking. The lowest common denominator is working its magic, fo’ sure.

What you may not know is that Friday night has the best deal in town for $10. There’s half-price apps and $2 domestic drafts. Which means that 10 wings and 3 Buds later, we were swimming in a sea of contentment. Try to find a better deal. You’ll trip and fall in your stripper heels while trying.   (Hurry up with the website already!)

Fibber’s Public House

1610 Pavillion Place
Wilmington, NC 28403-3735
(910) 256-0102


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