The Drawbridge Is Cursed! Stay Off Our Island!

Last Saturday, a young lady who was eating cake (!) ran into the WB drawbridge in the early eveny hours and left a gaping hole in the concrete barrier just a few feet from the bridgekeeper’s post. Earlier this summer, another young lady, while huffing computer dust cleaner, drove off an embankment just off the beach side of the bridge and crashed in to a tree. There is a really creepy park on the beach side of that drawbridge. There are people who live under said bridge. A conclusion can be is  that a confluence in the area has opened some sort of portal into the netherworld that may lead to a few more “accidents” in the coming months. It behooves all who live on WB to avoid the drawbridge whenever possible! Visitors should also be dissuaded from using the bridge…during peak hours.

-This has been a public service announcement from the morons who think they own the island because they PAY RENT here: The Locals.


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