Super-Shady And Creepy, Lee’s Nature Park Curdles The Blood


This is the third article in the series about sketchy places at WB. The article is underlined to express the importance and alarming aspects od Lee’s Nature Park…and we can’t figure out how to change it back to normal.

As far as there being a truly dangerous place on Wrightsville Beach, Lee’s Nature Park, located near the Police Station building oddly enough, tops the fucking list of places where bodies can be chopped up and buried without anyone noticing. The name of the place is misleading to the extreme!  Nature park? We think not.

The “park” is located on a narrow strip of land that juts out into a smelly, sandy swamp. There are a few trees with plaques on them, a sundial, and a bench. It does not get any more natural than that. It is not lit at night, at all. It is nearly almost camoflaged by trees in the summer. In Lee’s Nature Park, no one can hear you scream.

For those of you with a strong constitution, or if you are traveling in a group of more than three, a visit to the park is like a visit to an outdoor haunted area. Danger can loom from any of the hidden spots that make up this nightmarish destination. You will notice that very few people have the balls to step into the area, even during the day. Most of the people who walk by it everyday have no idea what is in LNP. We have to wonder if the town of WB gets more money from the state if they designate a few of of these types of places as parks, because that would make sense in this instance.

While there have only been a few serious incidents over the years, we  predict that Lee’s Nature Park leads the list of places on WB most likely to appear in the national news concerning a tragedy. Watch out!


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