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Liquid Room Can Get Back To Squirting Booze


So as it turns out–though not reported anywhere else–Liquid Room, in downtown Wilmington, did not actually serve any alcohol to the young lady who died from DUI on January 4th. Video evidence may prove this. So after all the hoopla reported (even by this magazine), the bar may get its permit to operate again. After months of lost revenue and bad publicity, the bar may be able to be the hotspot it once was. The rush to judgement is a troubling sign for other bars who may fall under the wrath of the beefed up ALE and ABC, the two branches of state government that are charged with fairly distributing judgement in the matter of alcohol beverage licenses.

In order to save face, ALE and ABC are still insinuating that Liquid Room contributed to the death of Marjorie Jean Whitney.


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Where NOT To Drink In Downtown Wilmington: The Liquid Room



Because you can’t! 

Desperate to get themselves out of the glare of the spotlight for running a corrupt and antiquated system of alcohol control, the ABC system this week went on a headhunting mission and swiftly revoked the permit for famed underage meat market Liquid Room. The incident that involved a teenager gaining access, drinking past the legal limit, driving home, and killing herself in a wreck was the final straw for the ABC. This could not have come at a better time for the ABC, since they were able to turn from goat to hero with one swift action. They have also teamed up with the city to ensure that no other permits are approved for any new bar. 

Underaged drinking is nothing new, but we can only hope that a lesson will be learned here by the drinking and driving morons and anyone who owns a bar in town. You are both responsible for everything that happens in your place. If you are hungry for money, or want to hook up your friends, you may all go down the highway to hell and be out of jobs.


The resulting lawsuit from this case may effectively sink the Liquid Room, which is now under new management. Maybe they should now name it the Marjorie Jean Whitney Memorial Ball Room and serve fruit juices and sodas to everyone. At any rate, whether she did it to herself, whether she was helped along by the bar, or whether it was Darwin’s theories at work does not change the fact that a young woman is dead and it could have been avoided at several stages. 

Let’s take a look at this promotional snippet: 

“College Drinks at College Prices!!  The premier nightclub of Downtown Wilmington. Chill downstairs bar or dance club upstairs. Ladies are always free with a great selection of daily drink specials.  – $2 Tuesdays: everything two dollars! – Thirsty Thursdays where beers and select liquors are only $1.” 

Hey, wait a minute. Those are nice prices. Let’s get this place back open soon! Just help them keep out the drunk underagers!

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